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#ShameOnKaranJohar trends after KJO likes an offensive tweet comparing Shah Rukh Khan with Akshay Kumar!

Filmmaker Karan Johar was on Friday blasted by the Twitteratis, mostly Shah Rukh Khan’s fans after he liked a tweet( probably accidently) that abused Shah Rukh Khan.

Apparently, Karan Johar mistakenly liked a tweet that compared Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan. The tweet by a user called Mannu Yadav read, “Half day colls [collections] of Kesari on Holi day (which is worse than pre diwali day) [is] greater than Zero full festival day collection.”

The abusive tweet that KJO liked

Kesari Box office collection day 1: Akshay Kumar’s film earns Rs 21.50 crores on first day

The tweet went on to use some expletive words for Shah Rukh Khan, and said how SRK’s stardom was nothing compared to Akshay Kumar’s. Within no time, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans spotted that the offensive tweet got a ‘like’ by Karan Johar and they went on a tweeting spree against the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai director.

Twitter slam Karan Johar for liking an offensive tweet comparing Shah Rukh Khan with Akshay Kumar

In no time #ShameOnKaranJohar started trending on the social media.

screenshot of Twitter trend

However soon as KJO realized his mistake, he immediately unliked the tweet but the damage was done and the screenshot of the liked tweet already went viral and looks like Shah Rukh Khan fans are in no mood to stay calm and accused him of backstabbing his best friend SRK.

At the time of filing story, #ShameOnKaranJohar was at the fifth position in India trends, with more than 25,000 tweets using the hashtag.

Take a look at some of the tweets:

When SRK and Salman rivalry was at the peak in 2011-2013 both of them never spoke bad thing about each other.

When SRK and Karan are close, KJo planned negativity and backstabbed SRK.

Kutta Palo, Billi Palo, Dushman Pallo but @karanjohar jaisa saanp mat palo#ShameOnKaranJohar

— BRK. (@iamsrk_brk) March 22, 2019

Everyone please tag @iamsrk in every tweets so that SRK sees it & realise that KJo is less a friend and more an enemy who always backstabes him.#ShameOnKaranJohar

— Chirag (@Obsessedmind_) March 22, 2019

Not srk fan all Khan’s fan joined trend @karanjohar not against srk against all Khan’s boycott movie and don’t watch kesari. #ShameOnKaranJohar

— Mahboob (@iMahboob9) March 22, 2019

‘ @iamsrk it’s high time you should know that you have been keeping Snake on your Neck. This ungrateful @karanjohar can stoop low for money and fame. If he doesn’t apologize publicly, we will trend day and night against him and fill his mention with abuses.#ShameOnKaranJohar

— BRK. (@iamsrk_brk) March 22, 2019

For those who think that @karanjohar would have mistakenly liked that tweet, let me tell you one thing that I am very careful and aware of what I like/RT/tweet without being a social media personality but he is. And so he must be aware of what he’s doing here.#ShameOnKaranJohar

— Pragyansh Nigam (@iam_pragyansh) March 22, 2019

Some of the angry fans even called for boycotting Akshay Kumar’s Kesari which is produced by Johar.

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