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Survival games

Express News Service

Gilli, bambaram and goli — games that are traditionally associated with the villages of Tamil Nadu — is the title of an upcoming Tamil film, getting released this Friday. Debutant director Manoharran,  who has shot Gilli, Bambaram Goli in Malaysia with newcomers, says that he has used the games as a tool to narrate the story of four youngsters, who eke out a living in trying circumstances.

“The games open up new challenges for the four friends, who have the responsibility of tending to their families back home. Ultimately, survival by hook or by crook becomes their mantra, as they introduce the games to the Tamil population spread all over Malaysia. The way they go through the daily grind, facing the harsh realities of life, makes for the plot.

There isn’t any romance or violence tucked in just for commercial value. At its heart, there is a message that one should keep fighting the little battles in life and never give up. The film will be a timely reality check for the present day youth,” says Manohharan.

Source: The New Indian Express