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Arun Raj’s perfect debut in ‘Thadam’

Express News Service

It’s been more than a week since ‘Thadam’ released, but the film still manages to draw the crowds, thanks to its unique treatment. Arun Raj, the man behind the rousing background score and songs of the film, is a debutant. The young talent, calls Thadam a ‘perfect debut’. “Being a huge fan of Magizh anna’s Thadaiyara Thaaka, I had always wanted to debut in a film like that. But I hadn’t imagined in my wildest dreams that I would one day get a chance to work in his project.”​

Arun Raj’s association with Thadam meant a break for the regular Thaman-Magizh combo. “As Thaman sir was busy with a number of commitments, the makers were actually looking out for a different composer. The combo would have been broken even if I wasn’t a part of this project,” he saysStarting his musical journey at the age of eight, Arun, who hails from Madurai, dropped out of  college in Chennai to pursue his passion. “I’ve knocked numerous doors and faced a lot of rejection. It took me seven years to reach this point.”

Arun goes on to talk about the hard work that went into Thadam’s music. “Inayae is topping the charts now, and I was confident that it would. I came up with nearly 25 versions of background score for Thadam, as I didn’t want to give up till Magizh anna was completely satisfied. It was the minor, apparently insignificant portions of the film that consumed more time.”

The musician, who is known for his independent albums addressing social issues, says he has a lot in store for the audience. “I’m coming up with a fresh album that talks about the important issues in our society. The team of Thadam also recently completed shooting the reprise version of Vidhi Nadhiyae, the video of which will be out next week.” 

Arun wants his discography to reflect his talent and personality. “It shouldn’t be a list of random projects driven by money. I’ve shortlisted a few scripts from major production houses, and you can expect an official announcement soon,” he signs off.

Source: The New Indian Express