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Pandimuni  is Kasthuri Raja’s dream project: Jackie Shroff

Express News Service

After his intriguing role in Maayavan (2017), Jackie Shroff is set to return to Tamil Cinema with Pandimuni, directed by Kasthuri Raja. Taking time off from the shooting of this film, the actor-filmmaker duo met the media yesterday. The 61-year-old actor made himself comfortable on a cabinet nearby, sitting cross-legged sporting a yoga mudra. His demeanour made sense considering he is playing an Aghori in Pandimuni.

“When I told Jackie that the role was of an Aghori, he immediately called me home for a detailed story discussion. Once I narrated the script, he just disappeared for half hour, and came back wearing a saffron cloth wrapped around him. I was impressed with his sincerity,” said Kasthuri Raja, who also shared that he wants Jackie to dub for his role. Talking about the film’s plot, the director added that it will showcase the power of yoga and is about the struggle between good vs evil — Jackie’s Muniswaran and Meghali’s (the female lead) Pandiamma. 

Asked about how he prepared for the intense role of Muniswaran, a Lord Shiva devotee, Jackie pointed to his director and said, “I just did whatever the director wanted. It is his dream, his brainchild. I have been shooting for the film only for the past six months; he has worked on this film for the past six years.”
When we think of an Aghori, our mind automatically goes to the ascetic Shiva sadhus found on the banks of Ganga, but Kasthuri Raja insists his protagonist will be different. “It will not be the typical Aghori portrayed on screen so far. Muniswaran is a proponent of peace and believes silence is a powerful weapon,” said the director, who revealed that he initially approached Rajkiran to play the character, but the discussions fell through. 

While Jackie has done only a handful of South Indian films in his four-decade-old career, his bond with the industry runs deep. “My connection with South Indian film directors started with K Bapaiah (veteran Telugu director) and continued with a number of directors, including Priyadarshan, and now Kasthuri Raja. One of the directors I always wanted to work with was my very good friend Bharathan. It is unfortunate that it could never happen,” said the actor, who added that he makes frequent trips to Chennai to meet his friends in the film industry. 

Pandimuni, which has been shot in places like Javadhu hills in Thiruvannamalai, is almost 60-70 per cent done. The horror film is expected to get a release later this year.

Source: The New Indian Express