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After Simbu tells fans to pour pots of milk on his cut-outs, milk dealers approach Commissioner for protection

By Express News Service

CHENNAI: A day after actor Silambarasan called on his fans to celebrate the release of his next film by pouring ‘pots’ of milk over his cut-outs as abhishekam, the Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Association on Wednesday lodged a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office seeking protection on February 1 when the film is being released. 

The association also sought action against the actor for his ‘provocative’ speech. 

Simbu‘s video to his fans was circulated on Tuesday, days after the actor had released a video telling fans not to celebrate the release of Vantha Rajavathan Varuven. In the first video, Simbu urged his fans not to spend huge sums of money to buy tickets for the movie. He told them to buy clothes for their parents instead. He also urged the fans not to put up cut-outs and banners for the film’s release.

In the second video, released days later, Simbu said, “Some had claimed that I had released that video for publicity as I have only one or two fans. So, now I am telling you: celebrated my movie release like never before by erecting huge banners and cut-outs and pouring pots of milk. After all I have only one or two fans, so who is going to raise questions if one or two fans celebrate?”

Speaking to Express, S A Ponnusamy, president, Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Association said,  “We urged the police commissioner to give protection to milk dealers during the movie’s release. Simbu’s speech sounds like he is instigating his fans against fans of other actors. So we urged the Commissioner to take action against Simbu on grounds of law and order. There is also usually milk theft before the release of movies as there are some fans who cannot even afford to buy milk. So, during this movie’s release, we urged the police to give us protection.” 

“We have been opposing such paal abhishekam since 2015. Over 25 per cent of people in Tamil Nadu cannot afford to buy milk. But, so much milk is wasted during movie releases. This is not a sensible thing and should be stopped,” Ponnusamy added.

Source: The New Indian Express