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Twinkle Kapoor aka Chitra Kadam talks about her debut film ‘Banjara’ and a LOT MORE!

Modelling has certainly been a supporting phase for many actors before they made their debut into the cinema industry. Young model Twinkle Kapoor aka Chitra Kadam is one such name who has been a fitness sensation on social media and is now all set to make her cinematic debut with Telugu horror drama Banjara this year. To be seen playing in the lead negative role of Rani, she reveals that delivering the dialogues had been a bit difficult for her.

Here is a recent conversation with the debutante girl on her journey & shooting experience: 

To begin, how do you feel about modelling in today’s point of time?

Well, I believe that through modelling you can showcase your talent and that it gives a good starting option to many freshers who have to struggle for long. Besides, I also feel that it’s a great way to begin the journey as I have started my career from modelling itself.

How did your journey begin? Were you passionate about modelling or was it time’s call?

So, I always wanted to be a model & actor ever since my childhood, in fact I used to watch a lot of movies and imagined that I too will become an actor one day. I have been very very passionate about modelling and acting and had struggled for over 8 years as it was a certainly a difficult journey for me. I did my first shoot for Amazon & Snapdeal and tried my best to nail it. I never thought that it’s going to be such an amazing moment for me which changed my life, and today I’m Twinkle Kapoor!

What kind of struggles did you had to face when it comes to reaching a ‘comfort zone’ in modelling?

Well there are many actually.. as I was quite lean before so people used to demotivate me everytime by calling me with names such as papad, chipkali and kandi. To be more specific, from everywhere there were always some negative vibes for me. But, I later proved them wrong and I changed myself drastically in terms of both looks and personality. After, so much of ups and downs here I am today, pursuing my dreams everyday.

‘You are no less than a fitness icon on social media’. Tell us about your routine?*

I just love fitness like crazy, in fact even if I’m shooting I still keep on missing my gym. I keep on shooting most of the time so I always try to eat healthy food. If I’m on a diet sometime, I keep on having green tea and it always helps me keep fit. To be more specific, I am a ‘fitness freak’ who just works out and looks hot !

So, what all should a 30 minutes workout include?

For me it must include cardio, functional training, cycling and skipping for sure.

Coming to your acting debut, what’s your character in ‘Banjara’?

I am playing the negative role of Rani in the film. It had been a great experience for me to act in a horror film as I feel that the genre suits me well. This is for the first time audience will see me on screen in Tollywood.

Did you find Telegu a bit difficult?

Of Course, it was quite difficult for me as I don’t know Telugu. So, while shooting for the film prompting the dialogues was a bit difficult task for me. But, I still feel that I have performed my level best. Also, now I am a little aware of the language which I can speak too.

If I ask you to describe Twinkle, in short?

An independent women, with many responsibilities, who’s sexy, powerful and also self obsessed.

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