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The surprise biker: When Rakul Preet rode on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Express News Service

Rakul Preet speaks excitedly about the way the song, Oru Nooru, has been picturised in her upcoming film, Dev, opposite Karthi. The shoot, she shares, was both fatiguing and exhilarating. “We shot for around four days on the Pune expressway, and in hill stations around Pune. While the weather and the sights were wonderful, the constant travelling gave us sleepless nights,” she recalls. According to her, in four days, they travelled to Panchgani, Lonavala, Khandala, and Pune. “We got barely five hours of sleep each day.”  
For one shot, Rakul and Karthi had to jump into a deep well.

“I was petrified by how deep it was.” Rakul first refused to do the scene, but after seeing Karthi jump in, she got encouraged and followed suit. For her, the most enjoyable aspect of the shoot was one that gave director Rajath some anxious moments. “Karthi was riding a powerful BMW motorbike. We have filmed the Oru Nooru song with me riding pillion. I love driving bikes, and during a break, asked the director if I could ride it on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.”

The director was surprised, but accepted when Rakul explained that she was no newbie to bikes, and that she had ridden many large bikes in previous shoots. “Karthi had also seen me riding a bike during the Ukraine shoot of Dev. The foreign crew gaped in surprised when I did that.” Rakul finally got her wish and sped off on the expressway, biking for about 15 minutes. “The director, however, sent a unit hand to follow me on a bike, just to make sure I was safe. I also noticed a helicam hovering nearby. He later told me he would be using those shots too, in the visuals.”

Source: The New Indian Express