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A fantasy debut

Express News Service

Fantasy films have always had takers. Hoping to cash in on this demand is debutant director Martyn, whose Maanik is getting released this Friday. A ‘Naalaya Iyakkunar’ winner, Martyn promises he has kept things simple with the script. He credits first-time producer N Subramanian for giving him a free hand, and proceeds to discuss how his idea germinated: “The story’s inspired by the character of Maanik Baasha. It was then just a matter of piecing together set pieces.”

A huge fan of Chennai Super Kings, Martyn shares that his protagonist dreams of buying the CSK team. “The story has an old lady who commits suicide upon hearing of CSK’s ban.”The director has also placed a lot of faith on the screen presence of Aruldoss.

“His character believes that his life span is directly proportional to the number of people he kills,” he says. The ubiquitous Yogi Babu is also part of this film, as is Manobala. A particular high point for the director was being praised by the censor board for making a ‘clean film’. “One of them even told me they’d be happy to be a part of my next script,” says the director.

Source: The New Indian Express