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Ten Tamil romantic songs in 2018 that will make you fall in love!  

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We all would’ve dreamt of finding the love of our life who can walk magically into our lives with a guitar or cast a spell on us with their sugary voice. We couldn’t agree better with actress Priyanka Chopra marrying singer Nick Jonas. Imagine all your in-laws singing and dancing at your wedding sangeet! Sigh. 

Feeling so single yet? Listen to these Tamil lovey-dovey songs from 2018 that will give make you fall in love with them.

Disclaimer: Not for the ‘single-hearted’. We are not responsible if these songs make you feel emotionally weak. 

Neeyum naanumanbe (Imaikkaa Nodigal) :

True to the song’s movie name ‘Imaikkaa Nodigal,’ we bet you can’t wink even for a moment while watching the song video. Even the heartless person will shed tears for this song. Starring Lady Superstar Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi, the song is picturized in such a romantic manner that will make everyone jealous. The lyrics are just too simple and beautiful. You can’t help but wonder if you will find a love like that someday. Like how the actual song begins, ask yourself in the end, “are you okay, baby?”

Mazhai Kuruvi (Chekka Chivantha Vaanam):

This melancholic melody sung by AR Rahman from Chekka Chivantha Vaanam is just so poetic. Losing a loved one is the worst thing that can happen in one’s life. The song hit the right note and would make you feel the pain of what STR goes through in the film. If you going through a heartbreak, we suggest you to listen to this song. You will seek peace.

High on love (Pyaar Prema Kaadhal):

Like the film’s title suggests, the song is also full of ‘Pyaar Prema Kadhal.’ Singer Sid Sriram seizes our hearts with his charming voice. The movie was a comeback for music director Yuvan Shankar Raja. He sure knows what the youngsters like and his judgment never seems to go wrong. Listen to this song to get high but on love!

Endhira logathu (2.0):

This will be the cutest lyrics you will come across. What would be the ‘maane, theane, ponmaane’ for robots? Simple! Madhan Karky is the man you need to approach. Even insulators will conduct in love if it listens to his lyrics. Beginning with ‘en uyirin uyire battery-eh’ meaning my dearest battery, he goes on to say the battery never gets low. We will go about describing each line because the song is so good and you will be amazed to know that someone can convey love between two robots in such a beautiful way. Next time you call someone a mechanical person, mind it! Robots can have sensual love too. Thanks, Madhan Karky for making us fall in love with machines! 

Kaathalae kaathalae (96):

It won’t be wrong to say 2018 was the year of love in Tamil Cinema. Vijay Sethupathi-starrer 96 can be considered the most beautiful and unadulterated love film you will ever come across in recent times. The songs complimented the movie in the best way possible and music composer Govind Vasantha had won all our hearts! ‘Kaathalae Kaathalae’ song rendered by Chinmayi has a pleasing violin phrase that could melt even the hardest stone. If you have not yet listened to the 96 album, you’re missing out something special.

Kannamma (Kaala):

This song can be compared with ’96’ movie as both of them have one thing in commeon, ex-love. But, this is not your cliche breakup or love failure degrading song. This is a case of two parallel lines that happens to meet at one point, but they don’t intersect in each others’ life. That’s what true love does to you. A verse from the song that goes like ‘aagayam saayama thoovaanamethu. Aaraama aaraama kayangalethu, which defines how love can break you and heal you as well, over time. We bow to Uma Devi, lyricist of Kannamma song. 

Ennadi maayavi nee (Vada Chennai):

Singer Sid Sriram will make you feel intoxicated with his voice in this breezy melody that we would want to ask him ‘ennada maayavi nee,’ as we can’t help but fall in love with his magical voice. This song is the redbull you need to have to get wings (of love). 

Pondattee (Goli Soda 2):

This song is a winner if you want to be all cute to your other half. Just forward them this link and thank us later. No one can stop themselves from falling for this simple yet sweet lyrics.


There’s no music player in Tamil Nadu that was not ‘orasi-fied’ by this song. This peppy yet romantic album song from ‘7UP Madras Gig’. The next time you board a bus or train don’t be surprised if a youngster sitting next to you is listening to this song on repeat mode. Bless your playlist by adding this song to it!

Bodhai Kodhai:

The song begins with the protagonist calling his girlfriend as ‘bodhai kodhai’ as she makes him feel intoxicated just with her presence. This intimate and sensual song is a must in your romantic playlist and how many Atharvaa fans out there? It’s not too late to fall for this man. 

For those who are single, it’s time to fall in love with these ten songs and enjoy the new year with the new love (songs) of your life! 

Source: The New Indian Express