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High Court orders TFPC office to be unsealed; rebukes police department for arresting Vishal

Express News Service

The Tamil Film Producers’ Council issue has taken a new turn, after the arrest and release of its president Vishal on Thursday, for attempting to break open the office, which was locked down by a group of producers opposing the current office bearers.

On Friday, the Madras High Court issued an order to unseal the council’s office. The court also reprimanded the police department for arresting actor-producer Vishal without a proper reason, and questioned why an elected member of the council was prevented from entering his own office. The court, headed by Justice Anandha Venkatesan, has also ordered the council to submit all the account details to the Deputy Registrar. 

Addressing the media in front of the council office in Mount Road, Vishal said, “Our office will start functioning normally from 9:30 am on Saturday. The concerned officials themselves will unseal the office and give it to us. As a council, we will fulfil all the promises we made soon and continue to give our best in all ways. We have all recorded all our expenses and have absolutely no hesitation to submit it to the court. We had not publicised the pensions we are providing produces in need, in order to protect their dignity. We didn’t want to belittle the people who used to be the owners of big production houses by publicly announcing about our welfare schemes. But now we are pushed to a state where we have to announce it to everyone.”

The next hearing for this case has been scheduled for four weeks from now by the Mardas High Court. 

Source: The New Indian Express