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Not everyone can make Baahubali or 2.0, says Namitha on small budget movies

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South Indian actress Namitha is back in action with her new Kollywood project ‘Agambavam.’ She plays the role of a bold journalist in the movie, which is set to be entirely different from her usual glamorous roles.

In an interview with TNIE, the actress opens up about her life after Bigg Boss, current projects, Kollywood’s #MeToo movement and a lot more. She also has a special message for her ‘machans.’ 

After Malayalam film Pulimurugan (2016), Namitha took a brief break from movies. During which appeared in Tamil reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ in 2017. She has done close to 40 movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. 

Bigg Boss

Sharing about her experience in the show, the actress said, “Bigg Boss changed my life drastically. Things were blown out of proportion, a lot of things were bittersweet but I have no regrets.” She got eliminated on Day 28. 

Speaking about the controversies on the show, she said she believes it is fully choreographed and staged and claimed that the show’s technical team edited things that she said. “I have seen it online that there’s a particular technology that can be used to edit the words you say. I am a theatre artist and I will remember everything I say. But, they telecasted things that I apparently said.”


Namitha minced no words in talking about #MeToo movement. She said the movement has entered into film industry a bit too late. “There’s a lot of hypocrisy in our country. We do Sabarimala pooja and Amman pooja, but same people when they go to their house, abuse women, disrespect their mothers, sisters,” she added. 

Expressing her disappointment about the swear words we use, she said, “Even the bad words are based on women. When Nirbhaya case happened, we took up a lot of rallies asking for justice. but it didn’t sustain. We left it to the government to decide.”

WATCH the full video to know a lot about her family, lifestyle, politics and more.

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Casting couch

Actress Namitha claimed that casting couch is an open secret. She said, “it has been around for generations. it’s not only for women but unfortunately for men as well. I know many people in the industry who may have compromised just for the sake of a role.”

Small budget films

When asked about her views on the issues faced by small budget films, she said, “not everyone can make Baahubali or 2.0. I respect and encourage small budget movies. Not everyone is a born Rajinikanth or Kamal Haasan. If you’re investing even Rs 2 crore hard-earned in a movie, it’s not a small amount. Tell me, how many of us can make so much money?”

Namitha’s Instagram posts are the gym motivation we are all looking for as she underwent a great weight loss transformation recently. But, it has not been an easy journey for her. She broke down a lot of myths surrounding nutrition and diet industry. For Namitha, self-love is the best love. 

Source: The New Indian Express