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The director who hopes to change the law

Express News Service

The statistic that ‘there have been no rape incidents in the Islamic countries for the past 28 years’ was the reason behind Karthik Thangavel’s decision to make Adangamaru his directorial debut.“It got me thinking and I felt the compelling need to showcase this issue in my debut. Right from the Nirbhaya incident, which rocked the country, the media has covered rape crimes regularly. Unfortunately, people have accepted this as a daily occurrence. In this film, I have suggested preventive measures instead of attacking the system and showing the police in poor light,” says Karthik.

Ahead of the film’s release this Friday, Karthik feels he will enjoy the fruits of his labour only if the laws are amended to punish the criminals. “Certain laws are outdated and unless they keep up with changing times, there is little hope for the victims.”

On the film’s cast, Karthik says he saw the fire in Jayam Ravi’s portrayal of a cop in Thani Oruvan. “In contrast though, he plays an inspector in this film, who breaks rules and does not abide by conventions. The character is ruthless and Ravi has added a new dimension to his persona.”

Karthik, who believes that such an intense script required scenes to be shot in live locations, says it was challenging to pull it off.  The director also reveals that composer CS Sam had his hands full with the background music of the film.Though producer Sujatha Vijayakumar gave him a free hand to shoot the songs in foreign locations, Karthik says that the script did not merit that extravaganze and films in this genre could do without such distractions.

Source: The New Indian Express