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Actor Krishna’s wild encounters while shooting for Kazhugu 2

Express News Service

When actor Krishna went to shoot deep inside the Marayoor forests in Kerala for Kazhugu 2, little did he imagine that every day there would be an adventure.

Each day, he had to walk an overall distance of 17 km from his hotel to the shooting spot. Spotting wild animals like bison and deer was a daily occurrence, he says. But one day, he encountered a creature inside his hotel room! “I was getting out of bed in the morning when my assistant Sundar suddenly yelled for me not to move, or put my foot down. I looked groggily at the floor and spotted a big scorpion right next to my bed. In shock, I crept out sideways and reached the door and waited till it went out. It was quite scary,” he says.

Shaken up, Krishna began walking to the shooting spot. But more danger lurked ahead. 

“I again heard Sundar’s warning call from behind and froze in my tracks. A big snake lay in front of me, its belly protruding with a recent meal. Though I am a nature lover, these encounters shocked me. I stood absolutely still for a few seconds wondering what to do next. For some reason, the snake did not move; so I quickly jumped ahead and ran.” 

As his assistants caught up with him, the snake continued to be still. 

“I was told that since it had just eaten, it was resting. A crew member even took a photo. We were thankful that nothing untoward happened.”

Source: The New Indian Express