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MeToo: A ‘big director’ wanted me to sleep with him, says Tamil Big Boss star Yashika Aanand

By Online Desk

The MeToo moment has been gaining momentum with every passing day with more women coming out with allegations of sexual harassment they have faced in the past.

During an interaction with the media yesterday, popular actress and Tamil Big Boss star Yashika Aanand revealed that she has also faced sexual harassment. She claimed that a ‘big director’ (without naming anyone) was ready to offer a role in his film only if she was ready to ‘sleep with him’.

Yashika said, “Me Too is a very big movement which is going on and it is something all women face in various industries. Even I have faced this. There was a time when I went to meet a big director. He is like a father figure to a big hero in the industry. I don’t want to give the name because the entire incident was something that took a long time to move away from my mind.” 

She further said, “When I went for the audition, he (director) told my mother to ask me to wait outside and then told her that he wanted to speak to her alone. Then he told my mom that your daughter has to sleep with me to get the role. When this happened, I was wondering why we should compromise to become a big star in the industry and why these people taking advantage of their position. A lot of these incidents are happening and now, when everybody is coming together to get against this, I am glad and I will definitely support this movement. We have to be an example in this.”

The film industry is one of the most affected ones as many female artists from Bollywood to Kollywood have come out to share their instances of sexual harassment they were prone to.

Source: The New Indian Express