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I was a victim of child sexual abuse: ‘Big Boss 2’ winner Riythvika responds to #MeToo

By Online Desk

‘Big Boss Tamil 2’ winner Riythvika has been riding high on success of late, with multiple film and advertisement offers coming her.

The ‘Madras’ film actress in a recent chat with Behindwoods, shared her thoughts about the sexual abuse she faced as a child.

Riythvika said, “Yes, I was also a victim of child sexual abuse. It was during my childhood days when the neighbourhood people misbehaved with me. It is good to see many people coming out and talking about it. Varalaxmi (actress) is doing a great job out there. Many others are also speaking up through MeToo and it is important.”

She also shared her views about the importance of educating the children about good touch and bad touch and the role of the parents in teaching their children about the same.

She further added,” Also, I feel we should teach our children about good touch and bad touch. If parents and elders, educate the children on things like these, we can easily solve the child sexual abuse problems. When I was sexually abused, I did not tell it to anyone, because at that point in time, I did not know anything. Later on, when I became mature, I understood and realised what actually happened.

She will be seen next in ‘Odavum Mudiyathu Oliyavum Mudiyathu’ which will hit the theatres in the coming months.

Source: The New Indian Express