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Pasumai Vazhi Salai shot on the world’s highest motorable road

Express News Service

We have previously reported that Jallikattu 5-23 Jan 2017 director Santhosh Gopal had commenced working on his second film Pasumai Vazhi Saalai even before his first film hit the screens. It’s now known that a crucial scene in the film that is based on real-life incidents surrounding the Salem 8-way road project, has been shot at Khardung La pass, the highest motorable road.

“We shot for 15 days in the Himalayan area covering Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Leh and Ladakh. The land we’re speaking about in the film, Salem and Dharmapuri, also have hills such as Kalrayan and Shevaroy hills. So to highlight the importance of mountains, we have shown Kishore’s character in the Himalayas. There are tribal people who live in these hills and count on it for their livelihood, so imagine their plight when the 8-way road project happens,” says the director.

Kishore, who plays one of the leads in the film, rode a bike in minus four degrees which apparently shocked the film crew. “I was stunned by Kishore’s commitment. Many of us had altitude sickness, but he was able to withstand it as he lives on his farm in the Western Ghats when he’s not shooting. While we had decided to take the bike up the mountain in a truck, Kishore insisted on riding it himself,” says Santhosh, adding, “Apart from shooting in Khardung La pass after obtaining a military pass, we also shot in Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in Tibet.”

The film’s shoot will continue in Switzerland and also various parts of Tamil Nadu. Co-starring Pasupathy, it is produced by Santhosh’s wife Nirupama, and will have music by Justin Prabhakaran.

Source: The New Indian Express