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My salary has forced me to choose commercial scripts: Vikram

Express News Service

It is tough to ignore how fit Vikram looks as he walks in for an interaction with the press. The actor who is known to transform himself physically for roles, has stuck to commercial ventures in recent times.

“While I like roles that show immense potential for acting, I do enjoy acting in commercial films and thrashing bad guys,” he says, talking about his return to the Saamy franchise after 15 years.

Saamy Square:

“I am acting in a purely commercial film after quite some time. Saamy Square is quite different from other cop films. It has been 15 years since Saamy released. One can say cinema has changed a lot in this duration. Hari has given a story that is relevant to today’s times with an engaging screenplay. I like playing the role of a powerful cop, the action is quite enjoyable.”

On picking commercial scripts:

“I like characters that have extreme potential for performance, such as Pithamagan, Kaasi, and Sethu. However, such films don’t become commercial potboilers. I also like working on films such as Saamy. As my salary increased, I couldn’t pick scripts from the former category as the budget also gets proportionately bigger.”

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Saamy 3:

“If we get a good story, there are chances that the third installment will happen. But we can’t wait for another 15 years; it has to happen sooner! Sequels to Anniyan and Pithamagan can also be done.”


“At a private award show, I was asked what award I would like to receive. They create categories to bring stars to the show. If I don’t get it, the same award goes to someone else. I received a doctorate; what will I do with it?

Several people had wondered why my effort for I wasn’t acknowledged with an award. I don’t aspire for awards. People still appreciate me for my performances in Anniyan, Kaasi, and I. That is adequate recognition for me.”

Getting into direction:

“A lot of younger heroes have begun to make films. But I don’t want to get into it now. In the future, maybe.”

Dhruv’s acting debut:

“I had wanted Bala to introduce Dhruv and I am really glad that it is happening. Dhruv has studied cinema abroad; he has experience acting for plays as well. He is quite comfortable with Bala, and calls him, ‘Mama’. Bala had also always said that he would direct Dhruv one day. Dhruv has some of my body language, the way he talks and walks. But we were sure that he should not turn into a ‘Junior Vikram’. He has that clarity as well. His target audience is different from mine. His growth depends on the kind of scripts he gets. After Varma, he will go back to education for six months.”

Acting with Dhruv

“We have received a few scripts already but I have put them on hold until Varma’s release. It would be quite cool, let’s see. We quarrel a lot. More than a father and son, we have an equation that is almost friendship. I wonder how the sets would be if we act together!”

Future projects:

“I haven’t acted with Kamal Haasan but have dubbed for a few scenes in Kuruthipunal. Now, I am acting in a film where he is the producer, along with his daughter Akshara Haasan. I am not paired with her and no, it is not a remake of Don’t Breathe. Shooting is going on right now.

I will also be playing Karna in a film that will be released in 37 languages with a budget of 300 crores. There is also Gautham Menon’s Dhruva Natchathiram in the pipeline.”

Source: The New Indian Express