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The Iron Lady: First Look of Film on J Jayalalithaa revealed

The director knows that a biopic on Jayalalithaa may face controversies but she is prepared to face them.

AIADMK members pay tribute to the late J Jayalalithaa on her first death anniversary in Coimbatore on December 5, 2017. (PTI)


The first look poster of The Iron Lady, a film on late politician and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa, was released on Thursday. Actress Nithya Menen is expected to play Jayalalithaa in the biopic.

Director Priyadhaarshini told News 18, “Since my childhood, I have grown up seeing her. She has been an inspirational and an iconic woman, our ‘amma’ (mother). She inspired me to do a film based on her life.”

The crew for the Tamil film hasn’t been finalised yet. Priyadhaarshini plans to start shooting for it on Jayalalithaa’s birth anniversary, next year. “We are planning to begin shoot on February 24, 2019. It is a huge project. We are doing research for the film. The film will cover Jayalalithaa’s early years as an actress till Jayalalithaa’s final days. There are so many responsibilities to do a film like this one and we need to invest more time for this film,” said Priyadhaarshini.


The director also knows that a biopic on Jayalalithaa may face controversies but she is prepared to face them. She said, “Like how, Amma was a bold woman and faced all challenges and tough situations we will face challenges the same way for the release of this film. We are going through the CBFC Act to make sure we don’t face any controversy for this movie release.”

Priyadhaarshini said she has never met Jayalalithaa in person but when she went to pay her last respects to Jaya, she decided to talk about the late politician’s life.

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Source: News18