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‘Maraindirundu Parkum Marmam Enna’ is a film that takes on the chain snatching menace

Express News Service

Director Rahesh, a self-confessed Sivaji Ganesan fan, decided to name his second film, Maraindirundu Parkum Marmam Enna, based on the popular song from the evergreen classic, Thillana Mohanambal. The filmmaker made his debut with the village-based Thambikottai in 2011. Rahesh says the seven-year gap is not because he was short of scripts, but that he preferred to wait to come up with a story in line with today’s world for his second project.

“I settled for a crime subject based on chain snatching, which occurs on a near daily basis even today. The appalling thing is that women are targeted even during the daytime. That set me thinking, and in this film, I’ve come up with a few solutions which should help women when confronting the offenders.”

Though it’s essentially a fast-paced script with a lot of action, Rahesh says he was able to find room for romance and mother sentiment as well. “Big Boss-fame Aishwarya Dutta, Anjana Prem and Dhruvaa play the three prime characters, and they are ably supported by Saranya Ponvannan. Not just the youth, but the family audience too, will be able to relate to the film. After all, chain snatching is an age-old menace, only its frequency has shot up in recent times,” he adds. Maraindirundu Parkum Marmam Enna is set to hit the screens this Friday.

Source: The New Indian Express