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Don’t want to be stereotyped: Shivada Nair

In male-dominated Kollywood, rarely do you see audiences rooting for a heroine but Sshivada Nair is an exception. She has impressed audiences and critics with her performance in Adhe Kangal, in which she played a negative character. Talking about the reception she has been getting for the role, she told CE, “I am overwhelmed. I just returned from theatre visits in Madurai, and audiences there were whistling for me. They’ve started calling me Adhe Kangal Sshivada. It felt really good.”

Asked what gave her the confidence to even attempt a negative role, she said it’s her faith in the script and director Rohin Venkatesan. “I was very confident when I heard the script, and the way Rohin narrated my character strengthened my belief. I did have my own reservations but then I realised if Neelambari character (from Padayappa, 1999) can be popular even after so many years, what could possibly go wrong if I play a villain.”

But while shooting she had doubts if she could pull off the role. “After we shot a scene on the first day, I wasn’t satisfied. I remember going back to my caravan and telling my mother if I could do this. But Rohin was positive. He asked me to get more involved with the character and the motivation really helped.”
Aware of the fact she might be approached for similar roles, she said she doesn’t want to be stereotyped. “I don’t want to keep doing negative roles and get typecast. If I’m really convinced by a role, I’d do it no matter what.”

Source: The New Indian Express