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Composer Kannan hopes Tamizh Padam 2 will do the trick

Express News Service

Music director N Kannan is happy that his work in Tamizh Padam 2 is getting a positive response from all sections in the industry. The film opened to good reception last week, and the songs, too, have made an impact as proven by the over four million views they have got on YouTube. Kannan sees this as a collective victory for the entire team.

Not many are aware that Kannan’s second film was supposed to be Rendavathu Padam with CS Amudhan. The film had to be shelved for unknown reasons. “Thanks to the new-found confidence post the audience verdict for Tamizh Padam 2, Rendavathu Padam will hopefully see the light of day,” says the composer.

For Kannan, the biggest challenge in Tamizh Padam 2 was to keep his music serious, though the visuals would be comical. The opening number Naan Yarum Ellai, Naan Eduvum Illai gets two different kinds of treatment in the film, the second of which takes inspiration from the soundtrack of Devar Magan. “I had to bring in that effect to create the mood, but had to do so without violating the copyrights. I also had to make sure to not offend the sensibilities of the big names associated with that film,” he says.

The presence of Shiva made things easier for everyone, according to Kannan. “When he mouths the irreverent lyrics, not many are inclined to take him seriously.”O Maha Zeeya in the original was a huge hit, and the composer says his pick from the sequel’s album is Kalavarame sung by Chinmayi and Pradeep. About the Evada Unna Petha song, which has been well-received by the audience, he says, “A lot of thought went into it as Amudhan was in no mood to compromise on the quality with double entendre lyrics.”

In the long run, Kannan desires to do music for films of other languages too. “I don’t want to restrict myself to any one language or genre.”On the eight-year gap between his first and second films, Kannan says he kept himself busy with ad jingles. “There was no big money in it, but it kept me occupied. Now that the sequel has happened, I am confident that I am back for good.”

Source: The New Indian Express