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A single hit by two wonders

Music directors Vivek Siva and Mervin Solomon are an ecstatic duo. They’re overwhelmed by the response to their music in the upcoming film Dora, starring Nayanthara in the lead.

Trained in classical and western music respectively, they have always been fascinated with sound. Vivek was a part of the band Zinx along with fellow composer Anirudh Ravichander. Mervin replaced Anirudh as a keyboard player as the latter began composing more for films.

Ask the boys about the kind of genre their music falls into and they say, “It’s difficult to narrow down to one.” Vivek says, “Music has layers of different feelings attached to different emotions. We want to reach out to everyone, not just one group. We complement each other and blend the best of both worlds. Our songs cater to varied age groups.”

Favourites Musician AR Rahman
Actor Ajith

It all started with Vadacurry (2014), when initially Yuvan Shankar Raja was supposed to compose music for the film. Following Anirudh’s recommendation, he was replaced by the duo. Now, they’re occupied with Dora.

This Friday they’re releasing a single Ra Ra Ra sung by Anirudh. Vivek says, “Every time he sings, we’re surprised by his energy levels. It’s a fast-paced intense number. We’ve used Nayanthara’s dialogues from the movie. On the whole, we’ve attempted something novel.”

Their music has an Indie touch that combines western and Indian instruments, creating a cross-genre musical experience. “We don’t follow a specific pattern, but we keep in mind that the idea is to create something fresh,” they share.

They believe in the trend of releasing singles and say it’s here to stay. “Previously, the audience didn’t have enough choice. They were given minimum five songs in an album. But now, they can take time and listen to each number, which is a good thing. As musicians, we also have ample time to work on the next song according to the response, and then experiment,” they elaborate.

Mervin says that the current scenario is a big boost to any artiste as it showcases various talents and gives opportunities to many singers.

“The platform is so big that if you have talent and your work is unique, it will surely get noticed. You make one song, promote it well and it becomes a hit. So, there is life beyond film music,” Vivek chips in.

According to them, the digital access to songs through apps has added value to music. “We’re able to see the reach that singles get on social media. They become chartbusters. Irrespective of whether you download or purchase it, the content reaches the audience.

In turn, this helps in high listenership. We can engage with the audience and know what they want. The Internet helps spread a music track faster,” 
they share.

Ask them about Nayanthara and they smile. “Oh, she loved the songs. We met her at the shooting spot. We haven’t made her sing, but she’s the soul of Dora.” The film has three songs and five themes.

Source: The New Indian Express