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Scream your way into the New Year with these boys

Tamil New Year is a day of all joys mostly traditional. But a twist to the celebrations would only add more cheer to the festivities. City-based rock band Waffles & Warfare will perform at Phoenix Market City on April 14. Expect a lot of head banging and foot-tapping music for two-and-a-half-hours. “We will perform around 12-13 songs, including our own creations. They are all purely acoustics, keeping in mind that the mall is a closed space,” says 19-year-old Paul Immanuel David, the lead vocalist. 

A Literature graduate, Paul believes that lyrics are the soul of most rock songs. “One might think metal performances as only being loud and noisy but it’s necessary to feel the music and scream in such a way that you don’t hurt your voice box,” says Paul. 

The other members of the band are: Lucky on the drums, Sam on the rhythm guitar, Jubla on the lead guitar, and John on the bass. They are all collegemates, who share their common love for music. The band was initially called, ‘The Warning Signs’, however, with time and entry of new members, they decided to call it ‘Waffles and Warfare’.

“Most of us are not trained performers, YouTube is our best teacher. Not all our parents were encouraging in the beginning, but the passion for this genre could not be hidden and so they have started appreciating our work,” says Lucky. The team plans to participate in various competitions and gain popularity. They strongly believe that competitions train them for perfection.

Waffles & Warfare will perform live at Phoenix MarketCity on April 14 (Saturday), from 7 pm onwards.

Source: The New Indian Express