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Yes, i am a tamil porukki , says Ulaganayagan

Kamal Haasan is someone who speaks his mind on a range of issues. This has become even more apparent in the recent past, ever since he decided to voice his opinions on  jallikattu. 

He wrote on Twitter that he had spoken to the Chief Minister O Panneerselvam on the present situation in the city. He said, “A looming question.

When the students were calmly waiting to see what decision 
the assembly takes, why preempt  with police action?” Looks like he asked the same to CM. He added, “He’ll answer soon. They are eager to satisfy you.”

Now, Kamal appealed to the protestors to stay calm. “None can take away your right. The highest office in the country is watching and will talk in your favour soon.”

 He pointed out that what Tamil Nadu police did was a ‘mistake’. “Aggressive police action on students passive resistance will not bear good results,” he said. 

Ulaganayagan went on to say, “Someone called us Tamil porukkigal (Tamil scoundrels). Yes I’m a Tamil porukki, I will pick things here and not in Delhi. People may think that I’m talking politics here. No, it’s my pride”. 

His tweet is a subtle attack on politician Subramanian Swamy, who called Tamil people porukkis.

Source: The New Indian Express