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A R Rahman releases the much-awaited crowdsourced 'Take it Easy, Urvasi' version 2.0

Screengrab from video of MTV India’s ‘Take it easy, Urvasi’ new version.

Music director A R Rahman who in December put out a Facebook post seeking fan contributions ‘Take it easy, Urvasi’ version 2.0, put out the new MTV Unplugged song on his Facebook page today.

The song became a huge cult-hit in the 1990s, featured in Tamil film ‘Kaadhalan’ and Hindi film ‘Humse Hai Muqabla’. Starting with the same energy and enthusiasm, the song is entirely in Tamil with witty lyrics just like the original score.

It starts with the historic US elections, “Hillary Clinton thothu pona, take it easy, Urvasi… Donald Trump president aana, take it easy policy.” And demonetisation was definitely not spared, “Aiynooru/ ayiram (500/1000) ruba sellama ponal, take it easy policy.”

With “Kadalai naduvil battery theerndhal, take it easy policy,” Rahman did not forget to address the plight of single men trying their luck with women.

Poking fun at the hole-poked clothing of today, they sing, “Kizhinja pant ah fashion nu sonna, take it easy policy.”

For the rest, check out the complete song here:

Source: The New Indian Express