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Continental AG mulls major overhaul: Contemplating 5,500 job cuts in restructuring move

Continental AG, one of Europe’s prominent auto-parts manufacturers, is considering a significant restructuring move that could result in the elimination of 5,500 jobs, equivalent to 3 per cent of its global workforce.

An official announcement about these possible job layoffs might be made as soon as Monday, according to a Bloomberg report. The report mentioned information from ManagerMagazin, which cited insiders from an unnamed firm. These sources suggested that the restructuring plan could affect approximately 1,000 jobs across 30 locations in Germany.

While specifics regarding the job cuts are yet to be officially disclosed, it is anticipated that production and development divisions might be spared, at least temporarily. ManagerMagazin notes that managers within the company were briefed on the proposed cuts on Friday, and a comprehensive communication plan involving staff is expected to be initiated on Monday.

Bloomberg quoted a representative for Continental named Marc Siedler who emphasised the company’s dedication to raising the automotive division’s level of competitiveness. He mentioned that the plan encompasses potential changes in administrative structures to facilitate faster and more agile decisions in the future and to alleviate the cost side.

As Continental evaluates potential measures to enhance its operational efficiency, the spokesperson, Siedler, underlined that concrete decisions would be communicated to employees first before being shared with the public.

The company’s proactive approach to address challenges in the automotive industry reflects a broader industry trend, where manufacturers are strategically adapting to dynamic market conditions and seeking ways to maintain competitiveness.

(With inputs from Bloomberg)


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