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Work from home: Employees ready to quit job instead of returning to work

Companies are fighting back hard in the never-ending battle to entice office workers back to their desks.When faced with the obligation to abandon a new normal that they’d grown accustomed to as remote workers for the last two years, many employees chose to quit rather than return to work.

According to Bloomberg, a survey of 1,000 workers found that 39% of employees would leave their current job if their manager refused to allow them to work remotely.

Millennials and Gen Z workers who felt empowered by their ability to work from home increased this number to 49 percent.

On May 11, Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s AI chief, resigned due to a work from office regulation. He was earning Rs. 60 million per year.

Many people dream of working for corporations like Apple. However, Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s director of machine learning, decided to resign owing to a work-from-office policy.

On May 12, over the last 60 days, an estimated 750 full-time employees at Byju’s owned and run coding start-up WhiteHat Jr have quit after the company requested them to relocate and return to their respective offices within a month.

Employees in the sales, coding, and math teams decided to leave because they did not want to move to their assigned office sites.

Several firms are now realising that permanent remote work is the future of work—pandemic or not—because it has opened eyes to a more convenient method of working that benefits both the company and the employees.

Not just large multinational corporations, but also many large Indian corporations, allow their staff to work from home on a permanent basis. Many firms, from Tata Steel to Twitter, now allow permanent Work From Home (WFH) for their employees.

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