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Attempt to mislead big investors? Proxy advisory firm IiAS, Yes Bank’s intentions under the spotlight in Dish TV matter

In the aftermath of the recent moves by Yes Bank against Dish TV, news headlines about Yes Bank and Dish TV have been in the spotlight in the markets over the previous several days.

Yes Bank has requested that new directors be appointed to Dish TV, including one who was under SEBI investigation for selective disclosure and had to settle the matter after paying a large sum of money.

Yes Bank and proxy advice firm Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) are now deeply embroiled in the issues they have raised. 

Both companies are facing severe market issues regarding the hidden goals and nefarious motives behind their actions. 

Here are some:

  • What was the motivation behind Yes Bank’s proposal?
  • Why did IiAS back it?
  • Are Yes Bank and IiAS attempting to deceive large investors?
  • Why are Yes Bank and IiAS disseminating biased information?
  • Is IiAS representing someone who wants to take over Dish TV Network?
  • According to the IiAS, financial results should be withheld.
  • Who will gain from this decision?
  • What is the purpose of this warning?
  • Why is the IiAS silent about Yes Bank’s plan to appoint someone who has been subject to regulatory action?
  • What exactly is the issue with the rights?
  • Money will go into the company rather than into the pockets of individuals, so what exactly is the issue?
  • What is the goal of Yes Bank? 
  • Why is there a demand for a change in Dish TV management? What does Yes Bank want to achieve by doing so?
  • Do the Yes Bank nominees have the requisite DTH industry experience? 


There are numerous reasons to be suspicious about Yes Bank’s and IiAS’s actions and intentions in the Dish TV case.

There appears to be a plan in place to raise investor worries, but such a move might jeopardise the proxy firm’s credibility.

Yes Bank and IiAS were contacted by Zee Media for comment, but no answer was received at the time of publication of this report. 

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