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Ranveer Singh sets a new taste to thunder

For once the rumours were true on Thums Up choosing Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador replacing Salman Khan.

The brand released its first TV film featuring Singh, which for starters had its main scene ripped off from the Fast and Furious 7 movie where Paul Walker defies death by jumping from a bus which is seen tipping over off a cliff.

The only difference being: Walker is running on top of the bus, Singh is running inside the bus, carrying a little girl safe out.

While Thums Up is know for making idiotic ads which make little sense with all those stunts only to get a bottle of Thums Up, this new ad film sees the hero set aside Thums Up in order to do something for a cause: for saving a bus full of school kids skids out of control and falls of a cliff.

This new ad film has been conceptualised by Leo Burnett and continues with the ‘Toofani’ theme it had since Khan.

While the previous campaigns had a more selfish approach of going to great lengths of satiating a craving for cola drink, this one acts on pressing matters.

It definitely looks like the brand wanted to try something different, something ‘Toofani’ in this ad film.

What better way than to have Ranveer save the brand from its association with the previous brand ambassador and his controversies.