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Govt mulls 'cashless' ride for commuters on Mumbai-Nagpur expressway

The proposed 710-km Mumbai-Nagpur Super Expressway will be going cashless with the Maharashtra government planning to use modern technology for toll levy as part of its efforts to boost digital payments.

“Instead of toll nakas, there will be RFID censors to enable commuters to pay toll,” PWD Principal Secretary Ashish Kumar Singh said. Singh said for digital payments on the Expressway, commuters will have to use tag censor technology.

“There will not be toll nakas on the Expressway but only at entry and exit points. Radio frequency identification (RFID) will be used to recover toll amount from commuters. Toll amount would be deducted from the commuter directly with use of the prepaid RFID tag on the vehicles. As soon as a vehicle takes the Expressway and till the time it is on the Expressway, the information will be gathered on the computer system at the toll plaza and the toll amount will be deducted from the RFID tag,” he said.

The official said the RFID tag is operational on most state highways, but very few people know about it. To popularise the use, government plans to have only one tag on all highways in the state, he added.

The proposed Expressway is expected to be completed in three years.