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How the H-1B Visa Crackdown Will Affect India's Software Talent

A legislation has been introduced in the US House of Representatives which among other things calls for more than doubling the minimum salary of H-1B visa holders to $130,000, making it difficult for firms to use the programme to replace American employees with foreign workers, including from India.

Here’s how the legislation affects Indian software industries and tech giants in the US:

$1 billion: Contribution of Indians with H-1B and L-1 visas to the US economy
4.1 lakh: Jobs the Indian IT industry contributes to the United States
$22.5 billion: Contribution of Indian IT companies as taxes to US coffers between 2011-15
$6.6 billion: Cumulative contribution to social security coffers between 2011-15
11 of the top 20 tech firms in India are headquartered in the US
1,20,000+: American lives touched through CSIR efforts of Indian tech firms
445,000: Shortage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) manpower in US by 2022

H-1B visa applications in 2016 by Indian and US firms:

Indian Companies Number of applications
Infosys 33,289
TCS 16,553
Wipro 12,201
HCL America 6,110
Tech Mahindra (US) 6,041

American Firms Number of Applications
IBM 13,600
Microsoft 4,575
Google 4,048
Amazon 3,394
Intel 1,694

India’s Brightest Exports to Silicon Valley

Satya Nadella | CEO, Microsoft
Alma mater: Manipal Institute of Technology

Sundar Pichai | CEO, Google
Alma mater: IIT-Kharagpur

Vinod Khosla | Co-founder of Sun Microsystems
Alma mater: IIT-Delhi

Shantanu Narayen | President and CEO of Adobe
Alma mater: Osmania University

Sabeer Bhatia | Founder, Hotmail
Alma mater: Birla Institute of Technology and Science

Padmasree Warrior | Former CTO of Cisco Systems & Motorola, Inc.
Alma mater: IIT-Delhi

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Source: News18