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Trump effect: Google recalls travelling staff after US President declares entry restrictions

Global search engine Google has called back its travelling staff members to United States after President Donald Trump declared the restriction on entry for nationals of seven Muslim majority countries.

According to BBC, Google is concerned about the newly-elected President’s order and any other measure which would curb the entry of talent to the US. Trump’s executive order has banned Syrian refugees from entry until further notice. Spelling bad news for workers especially in the middle east, visas for nationals of six countries namely– Iran, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen– will not be issued for the next three months. The administration considers the first three countries to be sponsors of terrorism and the last three as “countries of concern.”

Taking an immediate action to this order, Google CEO Sundar Pichai issued a memo to employees overseas, urging them to fly back to United States as soon as possible, or risk not being able to get entry into the country at all.

Trump announced that the measures detailed in his executive order would keep “radical Islamic terrorists out of the US.” The government will spend the next three month assessing whether it is gathering enough information from visa applicants to give background data and assess whether they pose a terrorism risk.

The newly announced orders will severely hit various technology companies that hire brain power from all over the globe on the special H1B visa. A move like this could make even the big technology companies ponder on where to place their key staff in future.

BBC reported that Google has recalled around 100 staff members while Microsoft warned its employees on the negative impact of these curbs on its business.