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High on demonetization: Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma gloats, dances and swears on stage!

It is no secret that one of the organisations which has directly benefited from the government’s demonetization move has been Paytm. With an early mover advantage, it has become a torch bearer of the Digital drive currently seen in India. According to Sudhanshu Gupta, VP, Paytm, since demonetization, the mobile wallet service has witnessed a 3 times surge in overall traffic and added more than 20 million users. It’s total user base is 170 million currently. And of course, the person who is most ecstatic with this development is Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

In the annual Paytm party, which was held a few days back, Sharma completely went all-out to gloat about his company’s mercurial growth and said that they have done what others couldn’t do in 10 years. He also mocked his critics and finally ended the rant with a swear word. While it wasn’t clear if he was high on more than just success, it certainly made for a riveting watch! The new Indian is brash and arrogant about reaching the top and isn’t exactly politically correct about it. Like they say, if you have it, flaunt it and Vijay Shekhar Sharma clearly believes in that mantra.

And that folks, is how it’s done

— Nitin (@nitinmisra)

During the event and dancing with Raftaar, he said, “Ye hai Paytm. Jo hamare saath nahi hai woh royenge. Ek saal mein woh kiya jo unhone 10 saal mein nahi kiya! 2017 will be ours. Kaise nahi hoga? Kaleja diya, jaan di, khoon diya, saara kuch laga diya. B******* Humne kuch socha, humne kuch socha, humne kuch socha aur saala doosron ki pant geeli nahi hui toh kya socha! Ab koi India mein hamari taraf nahi dekh raha, kyon? Hamare ko saara desh nahi, saari duniya dekh rahi hai!

(This is Paytm. Who will not be with us will regret it. What we did in one year, others couldn’t achieve in 10 years. 2017 will be ours. How will it not be? We have given our heart and soul to it. We thought about a plan and our competitors got flummoxed. We are unstoppable in India. Forget India, the entire world is looking at us.)

While many criticised this naked display of arrogance and wealth, OML chief Vijay Nair supported his namesake.

Here’s what he tweeted.

1/ Just saw this @vijayshekhar video. I thought I’d have nothing to say but damn I am wrong. I could relate to every bit of that joy, the…

— Vijay Nair (@vijay_nair)

2/ …high (teetotallers get high too, I can vouch for it), khushi ka aggression after a great year. As someone trying to run a company,…

— Vijay Nair (@vijay_nair)

3/ …we’ve been conditioned to this default setting of what CEO’s are supposed to be, act like, behave. Firstly, which CEO commission…

— Vijay Nair (@vijay_nair)

4/ …set this code of conduct? Bandh karo saalon ko. Give me a plain speaking, straight shooting guy to deal with any day compared to …-

— Vijay Nair (@vijay_nair)

5/ tedXstandyspeaker- motivational quote spewing- jargon-ulti-fellows. And for everybody who wants every business leader to be

— Vijay Nair (@vijay_nair)

6/ a caricature of the old world that you see on your HBO specials, my Sahara Pranaam to all of you.

— Vijay Nair (@vijay_nair)

Well, whatever be your personal view, our desi Wolf of the Wall Street is sure having his fun!

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