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Indian Railways doubles financial aid for train accident victims

Enhancing the financial aid in train accident, the government has amended the rules under the Railways Act of 1989 to double up the amount in case of death or physical disability like loss of limbs.

Under the Railway Accidents and Untoward Incidents (Compensation) Amendment Rules, 2016, the compensation amount of Rs 4 lakh has been increased to Rs 8 lakh in case of death or loss of hand and foot caused in train accident, an official notification said.

The relief amount will be given by the Railways Claim Tribunal to the kith and kin of the person who dies in the accident. In case the person is seriously injured like loss of hand and foot, then he would also get the same amount of Rs 8 lakh as compensation after completion of inquiry process, said a senior Railway Ministry official.

According to the notification, if a person loses his eye sight or loses his hearing due to the train accident, then he would be entitled for Rs 8 lakh in compensation.

A person is also eligible for getting the same amount (Rs 8 lakh) if he suffers from severe facial disfigurement due to the mishap, the official added.

The notification will come into effect from January, sources said.